Elliot Sloan

Professional Skateboarder

X-Games™ Megaramp Participant

“ The G. ramp is my favorite ramp. I wish I had one to skate in my backyard. There's a reason they use it at every major contest. It has the best transitions and is super fast. G.Ramps are the BEST!!!! ”


Gary Ream

Owner of Camp Woodward

" You made us look really, really good!   Thank you so much! "

- Gary after the China Invitational in Beijing/ 2009


Dave Duncan

Skateboarding Legend “Z- Boys” Member

The voice of Skateboarding

" It's the hottest thing on the surface of this planet. "

– regarding the Soul Bowl


Renton Millar

Professional Skateboarder    Fuel TV™ Host

" G.Ramps’ new ramps are the best in the world. They make contests more fun because you really can skate so much better there than anywhere else! "


Jamie Bestwick

Professional BMX Rider

Multiple X-Games Gold
Multiple DEW Tour Winner

" It's the best ramp I have ever ridden! However much you put into it, you gain in speed and height. I'm upset that it's not coming home with me and I can't ride it on a daily basis. "


Jürgen Horrwarth

Professional Skateboarder Poster child for german Vert Skateboarding


"G-Ramps have made an exeptional development in their past couple of years
and have continuously put up some of the finest vertramp- combinations of all
time. I love the big vertramp and hope it doesn't go away in my time."



Eito & Takeshi Yasutoko

Professional Rollerbladers

Takeshi: "The G.Ramp Halfpipe was so smooth, I love it ! I can go higher with a G.Ramp. Thank you !!!"

Eito: "I have over 15 years of skating experience and I was able to skate many vert ramps around the world. I can say that the G.Ramp is the best for big airs, safety, quality...everything! G.Ramps are the best in the world!"

City of Dingolfing/GER

We received this letter from the major J. Pellkofer