Project Categories

Founded in February 1996, we have executed hundereds of projects all around the globe in the meanwhile.

Below is a overview of 4 different categories of projects. 
Design, Construction, Ramps and Events.


Within these categories, we are showcasing a selection of interesting, actual, high profile and otherwise worthy projects. 

Some projects are listed in more than one categoriy, as it's very common, that we not only build a park but also design it, for example. 



Skate Parks / Construction


This will show you some selected projects of skate park construction in all different materials (wood, steel and concrete skate parks. 


Design of Skate Parks and Ramps


Before any great skate park or ramp is a good, carefully thought thru design.

Our business since the beginning.. There is a good reason, our ramps are used all over the world by the very best athletes and by the most prestigious contests - continuously since more than 15 years now!


(Special) Ramps we created


We proudly can say, that we are the world's best and most consistent supplier of all kind of portable ramps. 

As far as we know, all the ramps, which we produced in the last 18 years are still running and making money for their owner!
Durability, great ridability and most efficient packing and handling are the main features.

No wonder, we are supplying premium events and customers on all continents.
(For example: X-GAMES continuously since 2004, Tony Hawk since 2001, and just recently, our vert ramp was set up at the Nanjing Youth Olympics for the skateboard demo event.


Events we supplied

  Without exegeration, we can say, that we are supplying as good as all major events world wide. From the X-Games around the world to the US OPEN of Surfing and the Australian Open of Surfing, over to the MEGA RAMP events and Tony Hawk Shows in India, Abu Dhabi and elsewhere, we are there, when quality and reliability is a key element at high profile and high budget volume projects.